Phil Wilson host of Vinyl Revival
Phil Wilson's Vinyl Revival

Vinyl Revival

Phil Wilson is a highly respected presenter and radio personality, best known for his popular show ‘The Vinyl Revival’. Born and raised in the UK, Phil has been a lifelong fan of music and radio, and his passion for both has been evident throughout his career.

After studying broadcasting and journalism, Phil began his career in radio, working for various local stations and honing his skills as a presenter. His deep knowledge of music, coupled with his engaging personality, quickly caught the attention of listeners and industry insiders alike.

Phil’s love for vinyl records, in particular, led him to create ‘The Vinyl Revival’, a show that celebrates the unique sound and experience of vinyl. From classic rock to jazz, blues to soul, Phil’s show features a diverse range of music, all presented in the warm and nostalgic sound of vinyl.

Over the years, Phil has become known as a champion of vinyl, helping to rekindle interest in the format and preserve its place in music history. His expertise and passion have earned him numerous awards and accolades, and he has been recognized as one of the most influential voices in the vinyl revival movement.

Despite his success, Phil remains dedicated to his listeners and his craft, always looking for new and innovative ways to showcase the magic of vinyl. With his encyclopedic knowledge of music and his warm and engaging personality, Phil Wilson is truly a legend of radio broadcasting, and his contributions to the industry are sure to be felt for many years to come.

You can listen to Phil Wilson’s ‘Vinyl Revival’ Saturdays from 2pm and Sundays from 9pm on radioBlue