DJ Papa T
Papa T Mashup Show

The Papa T Mashup Show

DJ Papa T is a talented and innovative presenter and radio personality, best known for his hit show “Papa T Mashups”. Papa T has been playing and mixing music since a teen back in New York City.

Papa T’s hit show, “Papa T Mashups”, features a diverse range of music, all expertly blended together in his signature style. From hip hop to dance, rock to pop, Papa T’s mashups are a true celebration of the art of DJing, and his shows have become a fan favorite among music lovers around the world.

Over the years, Papa T has become known as one of the most innovative and respected DJs in the industry, and his contributions to the art of mixing have earned him numerous accolades. He is widely regarded as a pioneer in the world of mashup music, and his shows continue to inspire and entertain audiences across the globe.

His show is part DJ mix sets and part comedy, an original!

You can listen to ‘The Papa T Mashup Show’ Saturdays from 10pm and Sundays from 11pm on radioBlue.