Gary Hopkins
Blast Radio Shows

Blast From The 80's + 90's

Gary Hopkins is a seasoned presenter and radio personality, widely known for his hit shows “Blast from the 80’s” and “Blast from the 90’s”. Born and raised in the UK, Gary developed a love for music at an early age, spending countless hours listening to the radio and collecting cassette tapes.

Gary began his career in radio, working for various local and national stations. His passion for music from the 80’s and 90’s, in particular, led him to create his hit shows, which feature a diverse range of classic hits from these iconic decades.

Gary’s engaging personality and deep knowledge of music quickly won over audiences, and his shows have become fan favorites, with listeners tuning in week after week to hear his lovingly curated playlists and entertaining presentation style.

You can hear ‘Blast From the 80’s’ and ‘Blast From the 90’s’ Saturdays from 12pm and Sundays from 2pm on radioBlue.